• Translogic at MotoAmerica Racing with Translogic!
  • The Worlds best Quickshifters, Powershifters and Throttle Blippers Winning in MotoGP, WSB, BSB, MotoAmerica, the TT, World Endurance and more...
  • Factory Race bike recommended Translogic's Intellishift Quickshifters
  • Great products for a great ride out Translogic delivers the best riding experience
  • The world's most beautiful motorcycles Come with Quickshifter systems as standard
  • Superior electronic sequential transmission technology The OEM choice for reliability, durability and performance

Translogic Systems Ltd is a world leading supplier of electronic transmission technology. We are a dominant force in motorcycle racing from club racing right through the world's Supersport and Superbike championships and onto Grand Prix championship level racing. We supply our factory CESGT (Controlled Environment Strain Gauge Technology) quickshifters, quickshifter sensors and Quickshifter Systems as well as our Race Bike Blip Assist throttle blippers to a vast field of machines. We have developed a comprehensive range of motorcycle performance parts and accessories for Motorcycles, Race Cars, ATV, Kart, and Supermoto market segments.

OEM companies depend on Translogic Systems Ltd to provide solutions for transmission bench testing and durability analysis. We supply some of the world largest manufacturers in the business with our quickshifter sensors and quickshifter systems as well as offering R&D services (Research and Development) for other leading electronic technology companies, testament to the winning design formula of Translogic Systems Ltd. Whatever your application you can depend on Translogic Systems Ltd to deliver the winning experience!

Translogic Systems supplies:- Quickshifters for Honda, Quickshifters for Yamaha, Quickshifters for Kawasaki, Quickshifters for Ducati, Quickshifters for Triumph, Quickshifters for Aprilia, Quickshifters for KTM and Quickshifters for Suzuki | Also Quickshifter for Supermoto, Quickshifters for ATV, Quickshifters for Karts | Quickshifter systems | Digital Dash for motorcycles | Micro Dash for race cars | Micro Dash for ATV | Powershifters for motorcycles | Paddleshift / Powershift for race cars | Powershift for ATV | Powershifter for karts

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